Opening argument about Robin Thicke’s controversial new video was: “Is this a parody?” First of, I can’t begin to think why this would be the question imposed. As a woman, my first logical reaction was, “ARE YOU KIDDING?!” What kind of woman does it take to compromise their imagine to this very obvious shrine of sexualization. OK, maybe I am being way too dramatic here, but it comes with the package. Whether or not Mr. Thicke is out of the music game, his attempt to come back into mainstream music was, unfortunately, a success. Successful because not only is it a big hit on the charts, but because women all over are agreeing to his song by singing along. Yes, you can say its a “catchy tune” but do women nowadays really stop and listen to what they are singing along to? It is not only Robin Thicke doing this, it is the majority of the music industry, and guess what? It is composed of mainly males.

What I was trying to understand is, why do women make it ok? Women in the entertainment industry have a big responsibility. They are being looked up to by thousands, even millions of girls around the world. To my understanding, most women in the industry play along with this sexualized image to make money. They are sending a message out to their audience, young or mature, saying that it is completely ok to be womanized and sexualized. Do they agree with it? Maybe not. Do most of them do anything about it? The majority doesn’t, they are reaping the benefits, but not realizing how damaging it can be for young audiences. Women’s self value and worth, in my opinion, is diminishing, more and more because of videos like this, and most importantly because women allow it.

Thicke took a big risk with his controversial video. I am sure he realized that backlash would be included with it. You see, with today’s society, backlash is what makes you the topic of discussion. If it’s controversial, it sells. If you are still talking about it two weeks after, then that publicists deserves a raise. I’m sure he’ll enjoy his fifteen minutes of fame.

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