“Media acts as a mirror to understand ourselves in relation to others.”

As a society we have had continued efforts to overcome racial divergence within our country, and around the world. Ethnic minorities are the central focus when displaying them in the crime features of our newspapers and evening news. Minorities are portrayed as the bad guys of our society. We all know that the media likes to concentrate on a case when the perpetrator is of a different racial decent other than white. As a result, a negative depiction of minorities is formed, creating prejudice within our society. Those same beliefs can too, travel around the world.

What exactly would the media be without racial depictions? It is known that profiling isn’t a new concept, it is historical, dating back hundred of years ago. They are recognizable symbols to elaborate a quick assessment about an individual, and therefore, a group. We use them rapidly to describe someone, as well as to group them in a certain attitude. In other words, stereotypes are recognizable characters, whether positive or negative, physical or attitudinal.

Unknowingly, we compare ourselves to other ethnicities, and/or ideals of them. Meanwhile, reality might be completely different. Over the years, we have chosen to stick to the precedent without discerning the fact that these ideas have evolved.

TV is a pervasive force in the perception of stereotypes. Media perpetuates certain ideals that we constantly compare ourselves to. What you see in the media isn’t always an objective reality. I believe as a whole, we need to learn to materialize the difference of what is real and what is being used for mere advertising, or simply a good story. The ideologies projected by the media serve to shape social groups and designate certain social characteristics and roles.

In conclusion, media sells a “reality” in efforts to give meaning and form to a character or attitude.


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