This video makes me so mad. Aly describes the experience she had while she was walking home. There was a group of men that she encountered on the way to her apartment, and she could hear what they were saying as she was walking by. Things such as, “I know what I would do to her,” and how they wanted to rape her. She went on to make a video and post it on her site, describing her unfortunate experience. The feedback she received was what makes me really mad. Without knowing her, people automatically assume that because she is a woman, she was dressing provocatively and that is why she “invited” this experience upon herself. Another comment she received was, “its because you party too much,” why in the world would you deserve to get raped because you go out and have a good time (obviously not drinking to the point of blacking out), or you wear a dress. Women are allowed to wear whatever they want just like men, they are allowed to go out and have a few drinks just like men. Nothing justifies a woman being raped, nothing. The fact that people would think that women bring that upon themselves is such crap. Men are the ones that decided to commit the act, and yet, men are still the superior gender. The stigma that men are superior than women is just that, a stigma.

Unfortunately, I am sure that many women can relate to the video. I know that I can. Like I have previously said, I am Mexican. When I was younger, I would hate going to the Mexican market with my parents because men would stare at all times. Sometimes, you could hear their comments, other times you didn’t have to, their stare would be so hard that it was uncomfortable. I always expressed how much I hated going and would opt to stay in the car. My brother would always say that I was overreacting and that I wasn’t THAT pretty to be acting like I was ALL that. He had never experienced such discomfort, or those stares because he was a male. He also. He also didn’t understand that most of these men were here in the states working to send money to their families back home. They were alone, and just like all men, they had a need.

Women are unfortunately looked at as objects of desire. We are “helpless”, therefore, men can do whatever they want with us.


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