In a nutshell, the commercial began with a young girl that is mixed running up to her mom who is white, asking her a question, and then running to her dad that is black. It was a simple, and in my opinion, very sweet commercial. Cheerios received a lot of backlash during the summer when this commercial aired. It was on the Yahoo! trending topics, and even on CNN. Controversial because, “how dare Cheerios put out a commercial that depicts such a common American family in the year 2013?”
That same commercial was shown to a group of young children, all different races and ages. When asked if they noticed anything different about the commercial, they unanimously said, “no” or “no, its just a Cheerios commercial.” Innocently shrugging it off, like all other viewers should have. The interviewer later proceeded to tell them that a lot of people thought that it was wrong that the family was mixed, mom being white and dad being black. Like myself, these young kids couldn’t believe that this was even an issue. One of them innocently said “I thought Martin Luther King took care of that?” After several more questions, and their disbelieved expressions towards the issue, we learn that this issue is among adults.
I personally thought that young children were obviously going to have an innocent opinion of the matter. They haven’t reached an age that has allowed them to experience prejudice or discrimination. Children, especially young children, haven’t been contaminated by society and its opinions. They will act and treat only to what they feel. If the person is nice or if a person is mean. A lot of these opinions about other races and cultures are generational, they are learned through parents and other family members. If someone hasn’t personally had a bad experience with another race, but constantly hears their parents or grandparents speak wrongly of them, then that is the image they naturally have of that certain group. Children learn what they see and hear.


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