What an inspiring young lady. As I watched the video, I couldn’t help but to tear up a bit. Malala is an example of what women should be, but are too scared or even comfortable to be. Scared because they might feel an oppression from their culture, to not speak up and to stay in the shadows. Comfortable because many women around the world have grown up in a privileged environment where you don’t have to fight for your rights. Malala may have grown up scared, but at her young age, she decided to stand up for not only her rights, her friends rights, women across the world rights, but for the man who stood behind the gun that pointed towards her. I wish we could see more women like Malala, women that actually believe all the positive, reinforcing quotes that are said about women. Women that don’t diminish their value and are willing to take action. Women like Malala are women that don’t take measures for glory, they take measures for change.


One thought on ““I am Malala”

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