“You Better Work Bitch”


Britney Spear has undoubtedly made her what, second or third comeback? Her latest video lets you know that she is back, and she still has it going on. Celebrating her new deal with Las Vegas Planet Hollywood, she debuted her new video, “Work Bitch”. Spears is portrayed as the “top bitch” in this video. The lyrics go something like, “If you want a hot body, you better work bitch,” and so on. She uses a whip slash to underline the “work” attitude. She is making these other women “work” for what she already has accomplished. There are very few men in the video. She is basically womanizing women in her video.

Society has deemed it ok for women to call other women bitch. It is now a term of endearment. I am not going to exclude myself from this category, I am guilty of using this word to refer to my fellow girl friends from time to time. Is it okay? Maybe not, but it is also not okay to refer to something stupid or lame as gay either. It is now part of the American vernacular, it is becoming more and more acceptable among women. For some it is a word of empowerment, and others are still trying to get used to being called such word; not wanting to fall under that category. I can see why, its not something that I would like my future daughter using to refer to her sister, cousin, or best friend, much the less, myself. Like I have said before, it is women’s responsibility to change this, especially women like Britney Spears that are role models and in the public eye. Certain girls have this idea that, “if Britney says its cool, then its okay for anyone to use it.”
I recently watched an interview with Britney were she said that there was a lot of footage that did not make it on the video. She thought it was too sexual, and she didn’t want to have that image, especially because she is now a mom of two. She also went on to say that unfortunately sex sells nowadays, so you have to have some content of that in videos.
The song is catchy, her body looks great, her moves aren’t so hot, but I have to hand it to her, she came out on top after her craze-dilusional two years. I will always root for women, especially if they had to struggle through something. So, good for her, I am glad that she is still doing what she loves.

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